12 Things To Do While Quarantined Solo Or With Kids Any Day Of The Week

For me personally, I’m already a self-professed Queen of isolation so honestly, staying inside wasn’t the most unsettling for me when they called for social-isolation. Not seeing the people I love on a regular basis and suddenly being thrust into a home-schooling situation, however, was.
For anyone who is not socially anxious and introverted, I know this is probably a huge challenge for you. While I may be somebody who deals with my mental health and energy protection by self-isolation already. Some people on the opposite end of that would rather completely immerse themselves around groups of people and events to keep themselves busy.
Regardless of what kind of person you are, introvert or extrovert, if you suddenly see yourself in a situation like this as we all have collectively— I’ve compiled a list of ways I keep myself and my child busy and motivated in these stressful times that may help you too. They’re things anybody can do either on their own or with their children that can help positively pass this time and help combat mental health struggles from our worlds having been flipped upside down–suddenly finding ourselves in this insanely bizarre situation.


Setting a schedule for yourself gives you a goal and something to look toward achieving every day instead of aimlessly wondering “what should I do today?” Which can be extremely scattering—especially for anyone who has unfortunately found themselves without a job. I use a journal every morning to write out my intentions (goals) for the day in “I will _____” statements so that I encourage myself to get those things done daily. 


This all happened so fast. It is extremely hard and unsettling for us as parents for sure but remember; it is the same for your little ones. Even the ones who can’t express those feelings just yet. Stress is felt through the body and our kids can certainly feel that stress just oozing off of us and they soak it all in.
For my 7 year old, she is fully aware that her world has just shifted. She’s no longer in 2nd grade with Mrs. P, she’s now being instructed at home from her Mama who she constantly has to remind “is not doing it like we do in class” (lol). She’s extremely mature for her age so she does her best to accept the fact that things have changed and she can’t play with her friends next door “because of the Corona.” But that’s because I made it a point to sit her down and explain to her what is happening right now in the world. Why we’re staying inside; why she can’t go to her grandparents home any more, and why we can’t play with friends. 
Honesty and communication are always the best policy— in terms that are age appropriate of course. And then, validating (empathizing) with their feelings about it and being open to the questions that follow is just as imperative.


What the hell is a boundary? Trust me, I know. Being a mom is already one of (if not the toughest) jobs on the planet. There really are no breaks and there certainly are not any boundaries already. But seriously, for your sanity, right now— setthoseboundaries. Be stern about them! Of course they’re all going to be different depending on your child’s age, but you absolutely need to remember to take care of yourself during these times. 
For those of us who already have kiddos who’re like the Family Guy episode where Stewie won’t stop calling his Mom, it can literally make you want to pull your hair out—but such is life! And for those of you who are juggling work and home-schooling, lets admit it… this sh*t is nuts. 
You must find time for you in all of this. Personally, I take 15 minutes to meditate every morning and to protect my energy before getting out of bed so that I do not blow a gasket on my kid when I’m about up to my neck in “Ma, Mom and Mama’s!!!!!!!” I like to work out for 30 minutes each day a lot of the time I’ll do it with her especially now that she’s home but every now and then I need to do it alone. So while she’s deeply concentrated in her school work I like to sneak in the other room, set the timer and do a quick 30 minute circuit. Other days like I said, I really don’t mind her joining me. It can be a fun activity for both of us. 


Speaking of working out… go outside!! As somebody who struggles with my mental health I live for the sun to come out. Being around trees, water and fresh air have been proven to aid in the fight against depression (hellooooo, vitamin D). Take advantage of the Spring time and the temperatures changing. Go for a walk with your family, grab some side-walk chalk if you have it, slap on those rollerblades and headphones (you other 90’s baby’s know what’s up), go for a quick run while the kids ride their bikes or go for a bike ride yourself. 

If you’re not feeling the workout somedays thats ok too. This weekend to get outside we decided to picnic, and do our homework outside on a blanket (with tons of snacks), and on Sunday we watched a movie on the back porch (with tons of snacks). Just change it up a bit!

Even if you’re in an apartment building, I promise you right now nobody is judging you… go put a blanket down on the nearest patch of grass with a good book (and some snacks). Whatever you do—get outside, get some sun and/or get MOVING!

*Just make sure you’re practicing safe social distancing* 

Some days unfortunately won’t be so beautiful outside so we have to get a little creative while we’re cooped up inside. The following are a few things you and/or your kids can do to fulfill your day while stuck inside:


Two weeks ago I was a little lazy with putting my Vision Board away in the right place and my daughter saw it. She asked what it was, so I explained to her what it was, and instantly she asked if it was something she could do too. I had honestly never thought about that previously. We usually do other crafts together like drawing, painting and creating random art-pieces. For the past few months, I’ve been working on my vision board alone while she’s been in school. Why not?! If you think about it, shouldn’t kids have something they strive for in their future as well?! YES! Absolutely. I was blown away by her creation, and mine isn’t even half way glued together yet.


Science experiments and painting this may be a lot more difficult if you don’t have the tools at home already but hey, we have the time— so get creative!!!! The other day we used soap, olive oil, water, pepper, and baking soda and vinegar to do random experiments. You don’t need to be a scientist to know (or to at least Google) what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda. For kids…. this stuff is cool! Engage with them, ask them what they think will happen AKA: the Hypothesis— I am a Scientists’ daughter, however 😉 Ask them their conclusions— What happened afterwards? My daughter is 7 now but we’ve been doing this since she was at least four! 


My family and I already aren’t that into electronics, so we have a ton of board games to switch it up between that and the weekend-movie nights. A few of our faves that can be played with at least 2 players or with kids are:
*Monopoly Junior (great for couples with children) 


*Connect 4

*5-Second Rule

                                                                                       *Uno and Uno-Flip (Uno-Flip adds a whole other layer of fun, and the game lasts a                                                                                                 lot longer than traditional Uno)


Let’s face it— none of us are getting our hair done, nails done everything diiiiiid …any time soon. In fact I just had to Youtube “How-to Get-Gel-Nails-Off!” because the one time I get gel for a client I had casted for last month— the job was cancelled. And now they need to come off before I break another one off on the washing-machine door because they’re getting too uncontrollably long.

So it’s time to get innovative too:
  • Set the mood by lighting some candles
  • Create a DIY face mask: we use avocados, cucumbers and honey because they’re always on hand at our house and good for the skin.
  • Grab some nail polish, nail clippers, a nail file and a bucket for warm water.
  • If you have it, start an essential oil diffusor for relaxing scents and Youtube some nice spa music.

Take turns helping one another apply your face mask and dip your toes in the hot water for 15 minutes each! When you’re done, wipe away your face mask with a warm towel, dry your legs, and then apply some soothing lotion to those piggies. Afterward use your nail-supplies and either apply it for yourself or take turns applying each others. This is such a sweet activity especially for stressed out mama’s and busy daughters during COVID-19!


We love to cook as a family. It’s an easy way to get everyone in the moment and involved while relieving some stress. If cooking with the little ones, allow them to do the easy/safe stuff like spicing and stirring, and don’t forget to turn up the tunes!


Every single household on the planet has something to use to make a killer fort. Help spark your child’s imagination by allowing them to use different items like dining chairs, pillows and blankets to create a little sanctuary for themselves to allow their imaginations to run wild. I let my daughter do her home-schooling in there sometimes because honestly, whatever keeps her motivated to do her work!


Ahh, chores! My least favorite of the bunch. But now’s a great time to get some of those tedious household “to-do’s” out of the way and scratched off the never ending chores list. If you’re anything like me, please don’t try doing all of them in one day— just thinking about it makes me want to procrastinate and burn out. Pick a few to do a day like the laundry, dishes, sweeping and disinfecting or some of those more goal-y type chores like hanging photos around the house (speaking to my self here). Either way, it’s a good time to get some of that Spring-cleaning out of the way. 


I think this speaks for itself. If you woke up this morning, you’re blessed by whatever you believe in. You’re blessed to have a new day, a new chance at this life, and a blank slate to be and to do whatever you want in this world. Some people, right now, are not getting that chance and won’t have it tomorrow. If you have a roof over your head, a job you can do from home, and food in the refrigerator — be thankful. Whatever you have today— be thankful. 
For those of you who don’t have these things, and for those of you who may not actually be safe at home, and are suddenly having to spend a lot of time in a dangerous environment at home: physically, emotionally, etc. I pray for you. Every-single-day— I pray for you. Please reach out… please seek help! 
Though we are all physically disconnected from the outside world… there are ways to stay socially connected. To reach out to somebody that cares, somebody who can be there for you. That goes for everyone. We are all in this together, and we will get through this together.