Mother’s Day: Being A Mom To Me Means

One of my favorite holidays. Sure, it’s a day full of love, appreciation, and pampering from those that love us dearly, who doesn’t love that. But it’s also a day that reminds me of the unique group of badass women that I am so lucky to be a part of who literally make the world go ‘round. 
It’s a reminder that as women our bodies are sacred pieces of art that birth every single human life into this world. What an astonishing thing. Women have given birth to literally every man, woman, and child that exists past present or future. Our bodies are the only bodies that can do that— that is INCREDIBLE!
We love these little creatures that come out of us sometimes before we even learn to love ourselves. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us crazy but they also make us want to be the best we can.
Being a mom to me means wanting a better life for your child no matter how good or bad yours was. A sort of upgraded 2.0 version. 
Being a mom to me means looking internally at all my perceived flaws and learning to love and accept all of them because I would want her to do the same.
Being a mom to me means being brave enough to face your past and your traumas and starting the healing process no matter how hard it can be because you want to break the cycle that is or can be generational trauma. 
Being a mom to me means accepting that I am not perfect and nobody on this earth was designed to be. 
Being a mom to me means teaching her how to appreciate all of this world’s beautiful creations: animals, nature, people, places, and herself.

Being a mom to me means showing her through my own actions and self-care that her body, her mind, and her entire being is precious and WORTHY.

Being a mom to me means doing the best I can to face my own fears to show her that courage is bravery and whatever fears she will inevitably face she CAN get through them.
Being a mom to me means being present in the moment with her the best I can be. Even if the dishes aren’t done and the laundry still needs folding because those moments are precious and the dishes and laundry aren’t going anywhere.
Being a mom to me means constantly looking at my own childhood: the good, bad, and whatever was ugly and remembering to see things from a child’s perspective every now and then. 
Being a mom to me means showing her that no matter what she wants to be in this world, she can achieve it and nobody, not one person, on this earth even ME can put her in a box. 
Being a mom to me means leading by example in all that I do and knowing some days I will fail because I am human.
Being a mom to me means learning to be a more responsible adult because I am responsible for another person’s precious LIFE.
Being a mom to me means sleepless nights when they’re little, throw-up on your clothes, panic every time they fall, and pure joy every time they reach a milestone.
Being a mom to me means staring at her beautiful face for hours when she sleeps, comparing the size of her little fingers and toes to mine knowing they won’t be this small for long and stroking her soft baby skin while she lays in my lap. 
Being a mom to me means many tears at night thinking about my daily failures but then learning the meaning of unconditional love because children are the most resilient and forgiving. 
Being a mom to me means standing up for myself and exemplifying to her what healthy relationships look like. So that she will have healthy relationships when she is older too.
Being a mom to me means every day striving to be a better version of “me” because I was given the greatest blessing on earth of being her mama and the special opportunity to grow with my best friend. 
Being a mom to me means all of this and so much more…
Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful, self-loving, strong, resilient mamas striving for courage, confidence, and positivity in your lives and for your babies day in and day out. <3